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Meet Lisa

Are you ready to define and grow your business in such a compelling way that you become unforgettable? Alkamye is here to help you do it! Together, we will define your brand, discover what makes you different and unique, create a purpose-driven strategy, craft storytelling content, amplify and grow your presence on social media, create brand equity, and connect with your audience around a common, and authentic purpose.

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My Story

Lisa Marchant is the CEO + Founder of Alkamye, a passionate writer, digital marketer, entrepreneur, explorer and yogi.


While pursuing her passion for travel and tapping into her inner sense of adventure, Lisa shared her world adventures via digital platforms, engaging, sharing, and fostering a community of soulful connections through social media. 


Embracing her writing talents and passion for soulful connection, Lisa founded Alkamye, a digital boutique firm dedicated to illuminating authentic brand experiences through digital content creation and amplification.     


Lisa’s storytelling speaks to the mindset and beliefs that have been essential to her personal growth and brand evolution. She’s committed to collaborating with purpose-driven businesses to embrace their missions and amplify their brands through powerful strategy and compelling written and visual content.  


Now that you know a little bit about me, I would love to get to know you. Let's connect.

Thanks for stopping by.

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