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Define Brand Essence 
  • Vision

  • Values 

  • Purpose

  • Positioning

Social Media
  • Posts and video

  • Engagement and growth

  • Monitoring social platforms

  • Ideating and executing social campaigns

  • Analyzing data, metrics and reports

Strategy Development
  • Content

  • Channel amplification: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google

  • Authentic connection

  • Amplify reach and exposure

Create Storytelling Content
  • Define your unique brand story

  • Clear consistent messaging

  • Language and voice

  • Inspire your audience

Email Marketing​
  • Promotional emails: Special offers, events, opportunities

  • Informational emails: Announcements, insights, newsletters, and tips

  • Surveys

Brand Management

Maintaining brand identity, brand

image, brand position, and brand

equity throughout all channels of

communication. Ensuring that all

marketing is consistent with the

brand's image.

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