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Alkamye is a digital marketing agency partnering with purpose-driven brands
to increase awareness, 
and revenue.

Growing your business and brand through digital content creation and amplification.  



Define Brand Essence
  • Vision

  • Values

  • Purpose

  • Positioning

Social Media
  • Posts and video

  • Engagement and growth

  • Monitoring social platforms

  • Ideating and executing social campaigns

  • Analyzing data, metrics and reports

Strategy Development
  • Content ​

  • Channel amplification: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • Authentic connection  

  • Amplify reach and exposure

Email Marketing
  • Promotional emails: Special offers, events, opportunities

  • Informational emails: Newsletters, announcements, insights, tips

  • Surveys

Content Creation

  • Define your unique brand story

  • Clear consistent messaging

  • Language and voice

  • Inspire your audience

Brand Management

Maintaining brand identity, brand image, brand position, and brand equity throughout all channels of communication. Ensuring that all marketing is consistent with the brand's image.

Lisa Marchant is a passionate writer, digital marketer, explorer and yogi. Lisa developed and executed integrated marketing plans for reputable firms such as Marcus & Millichap, Halstead Real Estate, New York Open Center, and Center for Transitional Living. As an experienced storyteller and brand illuminator, she has created, enriched and amplified content for clients such as The Antenna Group and Ninja Toaster Production and published original articles in Thrive Global.


While pursuing her passion for travel and tapping into her inner sense of adventure, Lisa shared her world adventures via digital platforms, engaging, sharing, and fostering a community of soulful connections through social media. 


Embracing her writing talents and passion for soulful connection, Lisa founded Alkamye, a digital boutique firm dedicated to illuminating authentic brand experiences through digital content creation and amplification.     


Lisa’s storytelling speaks to the mindset and beliefs that have been essential to her personal growth and brand evolution. She’s committed to collaborating with purpose-driven businesses to embrace their missions and amplify their brands through powerful strategy and compelling written and visual content.  

Haley Rome Photo _ CT Wedding _ Branding Photography-8901_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

What if you could experience happiness, financial health, and a sense of purpose through your work? Having a sense of purpose in our life is critical to well-being.

When your businesses is built on your highest vision, values, and purpose, it elevates and aligns strategy, innovation, and differentiation.

The question is, who are you? What is your authentic story? What is the purpose behind your business? What is the difference you want to make? This is what we are here to discover.

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